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Grab wedding magnets at best prices offered on internet. Express your joie de vivre by imparting a personal touch to any piece from our vast collection of wedding magnets.

You can come here, see, customize your favorite wedding magnet, and part with bagful of freebies pay after design approval, free shipping, and free! Hurry Up!

It’s always joyous to see your loved ones getting hitched, isn’t it? How do you like to seal those moments?

…….. (Let’s recount it later)

As heard many times before “All’s fair in love and war” with a sweet tint it can be made to sound as “All joy’s fair in love and wedding”. Have you ever thought of magnetizing those special moments of bliss?” This means sealing those colorful and blissful moments in colorful and interesting wedding magnets?!” Do you think it’s gonna be worth trying? Here’s our shot at it-

This is the reason why we say that only tokens, which may never fade, forgotten, or torn are wedding magnets and they will continue to color your memories for long time! Generally, referred as wedding save the date magnets, it will remain before your eyes at all times (peeking at you from refrigerator doors) reminding you of those special moments such as wedding photo magnets and recreating the warmth of celebrations! Also, wedding reminder magnets would tinkle your brain to remember that soon –to- be- hitched couples would really appreciate your presence at the event.

We offer a large collection of customizable wedding magnets such as wedding photo magnets, save the date photo booth magnets, wedding save the date magnet photo to match various personal styles. Wedding save the date fridge magnets make a great refrigerator art, and have high retention ratio than regular business magnets. We offer a vast collection of personalized wedding magnets in different colors, sizes, patterns with thicknesses 20 & 25 mil offered as wedding save the date fridge magnets and 30 mil magnet offered as outdoor magnets depending on the requirement.

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Why do wedding celebrations never stop at

The wedding celebrations never stop at because we offer-

  • Abundance and Variety – We offer abundance of choices for wedding announcement magnets such as wedding favor magnets, wedding thank you magnet, custom photo magnets, wedding invitations magnet based on wedding themes. Be it a destination wedding, church wedding, backyard wedding, beach wedding, vintage-glam inspired wedding, island wedding, Caribbean wedding, Asian wedding, classic wedding, rustic wedding, offbeat wedding, budget wedding, vineyard wedding, spring wedding, summer wedding, fall wedding, or color inspired wedding, we have magnets for all. …….. These personalized wedding magnets will definitely keep the guests enchanted even after your decorated limo whisks you to start a new chapter in life.
  • Great Styles – We offer magnets for wedding in all imaginable styles, which means instead of getting contented with available choices on a website (many of our contemporaries have limited choices and also there are very few, who have dedicated an exclusive website for weddings!), you can grab the ones, which are designed according to your tastes. Custom photo magnets, wedding save the date magnet photo and save the date photo booth magnets are some of our best sellers. Then there are typical magnets for weddings such as Las Vegas save the date magnets, usually favored by people who are heading to the “Sin City “for making their wows and wish to make it all one rolling affair.
  • A gift bag of freebies – We offer bag full of freebies along with a genuinely personalized wedding magnets such as free shipping, free art set up, free samples, and free design. These goodie freebies help to cut down the high costs incurred on invitations and kick start a roll coaster ride of celebrations.
  • Discounts – Who don’t like to save six pennies for a wedding? We offer high discounts on large orders for all kinds of wedding magnets, which means there is no room for complaints for you or any of your friends who may say that there weren’t enough invitations for everyone. Also, in a run you are set to make huge savings on any deal involving wedding save the date magnets.
  • Environment Friendly – We care for your emotions, celebrations and health! Our weddings save the date magnets are made up of resourced, recycled and lead free materials in USA.
  • Sweet “Nos” and Bubbly “Yes” – No payment required, until the approval of design proof. No Delays. Free design proof dispatched within 24 hours.

Competitive Prices in the Market & WE can beat by 10% (if prices exactly match)!

To know more about any kind of save the date magnets for wedding or any other kind of wedding announcement magnets - please feel free to call us at 855-7 MAGNET [855-762-4638] OR

Write to us and let us know your wedding ideas. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right magnet for your invitations.

I purchased my wedding magnets from and they were “fantabulos”. I have bite dust while working with other vendors, but this experience is worth sharing. It was extremely fun while talking to your representatives and I was really bowled by seeing their dedication to make it all so good. I feel with such wonderful magnets in my kitty, the celebrations are already triggered!
-Malorie. Lea from Madison, Wisconsin
My pre-invitations have turned up great. The best part about working with is the freedom that they offer while customizing the magnets. I had a very rolling time while dealing with them. Also, I felt that they offer abundance of choices, than most other so-called top online magnet stores. My best friend Betty is also planning to place her orders, which means “double whammy”.
- Kimberly. Rodriguez from Fort Worth, Texas
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